REFILL at Little Gems

Campaigning for a healthier environment.


REFILL at Little Gems

As part of our ongoing commitment to doing our bit to make the world a better place, Little Gems have signed up to the “Refill campaign”: “A free tap water initiative designed to reduce plastic pollution and promote healthy hydration by making refilling a water bottle easy, social and rewarding.”

Whilst the majority of us might endeavour to do our bit by putting plastic bottles out with the recycling, the organisers of the Refill Campaign have disclosed that “an estimated 800 plastic bottles a MINUTE are either ending up in landfill or as litter” from which point, they are all too frequently ‘making their way into our waterways and out to sea”. The Refill campaign is a nationwide initiative which is working hard to help reduce and tackle this problem head-on.

In an ideal world the perfect solution would be to install more water fountains in public place, but as this campaign highlights, such intervention takes time and funds. So these folks have come up with another viable solution; enlisting the support of restaurants, hotels and companies in the hospitality industry to provide free access points for thirsty people to fill up a reusable bottle instead. There is no need to buy a single use bottle every time you are out if you can refill a reusable one as you go!

After the successful pulling of plastic straws at the beginning of March, Little Gems have been looking for ways to take this one step further. As Phil Kent, Head of Miscellaneous Stuff explained,
“Plastic pollution is high up on people’s and our own agenda right now. Refill is gaining a lot of traction and is, therefore, the next simple and logical way for our company to play a part. All of our Little Gems sites have been signed up to the campaign and we are proud to have been accepted. Refill sites are all given a sticker to place in their windows, so that passers-by and customers alike know that they can ask us for a top up & we’ll happily do it for them (for free obviously!) and you can even look out for us on the Refill app, which shows you all the current venues where you can go to fill up.”

Our “Refill” stickers are on their way, but in the meantime should you be passing by one of our pubs, feel free to pop in for your top up of H2O.