The final straw | 1st March 2018

A small step for mankind but a step in the right direction for Little Gems and the environment. 


The Final Straw

From 1st March 2018, Little Gems Country Dining pubs will no longer be serving up drinks with the highly topical non-recyclable plastic straw. 

Whilst we have always aimed to do our utmost to ensure that materials we use across our sites are sustainable, from the ingredients we use in our seasonal dishes to the paper we use for our point of sale and even the napkins we use on our tables, we have taken the executive decision to pull the plastic straw from all of our sites. This is currently been put into motion, with the final deadline on the straw in the Little Gems sites’ diaries for the 1st March.

Speaking on behalf of Little Gems, Steve Wilkins co-founder of the company explained the reasons behind the decision.

“After the recent screening of The Blue Planet, it is safe to say that we were all taken aback by the damage and impact that something as commonplace and throwaway as a straw can have on the environment, of which we are all responsible and guilty. This might be a small step for us on the road to improvement however, we were really delighted at how well this change has been received and backed by all of our sites.” 

For those of you who have seen “The Blue Planet” on the BBC,  you will undoubtedly comprehend where this idea stems from. We are already on the hunt for a replacement straw but trust that our customers will use these sparingly. 

“Whilst we are confident that our customers will welcome this change, we will not be leaving them empty-handed. For guests who require a straw,  we have already sourced, trialled and tested a biodegradable paper substitute.”

Explained Phil Kent, Head of Miscellaneous Stuff (and operations like sourcing straws).

Proving that the grass CAN and WILL be greener, that our customers will not be pulling the short straw, we promise that our drinks will still taste just as great post plastic straw.